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2011. január 23., vasárnap

Samuel levele

Alább olvashatjátok Samuel levelét. Aki még nem tudja, Samuel, a kenyai Sargy Community Development Group szervezet főnöke, ahol 4 hónapig önkénteskedtem. Továbbra is tartjuk vele a kapcsolatot az idei nyári viszontlátás reményében.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR ENCOURAGING letter and i commend you all for what you and your team is doing. The postcard is a very good idea and i believe with Gods support they will touch the hearts of many people.

SARGY is on the right track. In school we achieved very good results from the children's work. With donation from friends and from myself we managed to buy 10 desks for for our class three, we have also managed to put up another classroom though the floor is dusty. The class three are already learning in this classroom with two blackboards. Number of applicants is also increasing though due the school performance and increasing poverty. However due to drought which has been here for along time and lack of fish in the lake its a threat even children with parents finds it difficult to raise 100 Ksh a month, which is likely to give us problem in paying allowances to teachers and our porridge.

Before the garden was destroyed by hippos it was helping to meet part of budget, though little. I have talked with owners of the garden near my home to allow school to use his garden as football field. So we have achieved a lot despite challenges. EVA also donated for children of Sargy lots of crayons, pencils, balloons ,biscuits and children were happy.

Our garden has been so good for the last 4 months with 30 trees of paw-paws, sukuma, bananas but hippos destroyed every thing. I believe you saw the pictures i posted on facebook about the garden.

EVA left today she has been very happy and left her two cats: Lear and Avari. She wanted to go with them, but didn't manage. We are expecting 3 volunteers between February and march from Britain.

God bless you all, and the work you are doing!


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